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The Lady's Sanctuary

The Blog of a Femme Geek

The Famous Pepper Potts
25 February 1988
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The Blog of a Femme Geek
I'm a 23 year old girl from Orlando who now resides in L.A. I work at a place that makes film trailers, trying to work my way up to an editor, but I just run the machine room right now.

I'm a third degree black belt in taekwondo (used to teach it in fact). I also studied a mulititude of other styles including krav maga, XMA, a wee bit of wing chun (wushu), and hopefully soon I'll practice more of something. I haven't gotten to practice in nearly two years and I miss it!

I also love comic books (huge geek here) and going to sci-fi conventions and even making costumes. My favorite costumes are all Marvel ones such as Pepper Potts and Rescue.

Other things I do for fun, internet-wise: I make fan videos, rp, read and occasionally write fanfiction.
What Am I Into?
My main fandom is Iron Man and Tony/Pepper, but I of course like other things. Marvel comics, especially the Avengers are my thing. Kill Bill Vol.1 is my all-time favorite movie. And the other movies I like? Way too numerous to name! I love anything with Robert Downey, jr. in it, I love action flicks and movies that make you think.

Also, check out the awesome website devoted to . I don't run it. I just love.
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I also RP as Pepper Potts and Tony Stark. PM me if you want to start an RP.
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