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Hello and welcome to my journal! This is a friend's only section, so please comment here if you want to be added.

I'm not really strict, and as you can see, most of my stuff is still public. I just want to be sure that I have something in common with the people who friend me.

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Between Magic and Science Ch.2

Rating – T

Fandom – Thor/Jane

The story of Thor returning to Jane after the movie ended. Genre – Romance/Angst with a little humor in there Status – Work in Progress

Word Count – 2,447 words

Thank you all for the positive feedback of the first chapter! I just wanted to state again that this is actually an RP, not written as a story, so the format is a little different and there was really no good place to end it, so I just had to cut it off. I apologize for that. Hopefully next I’ll have another update, though. Please, don’t be shy, and let me know what you think!
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Thor - french poster

Between Magic and Science Ch.1

Rating – T
Fandom – Thor/Jane
The story of Thor returning to Jane after the movie ended.
Genre – Romance/Angst with a little humor in there
Status – Work in Progress
Word Count – 3, 667 words

This is actually from an RP that my friend and I have been doing together, so the format may be a little different than what you are used to. I just really enjoyed our characters in this and decided to share. I only wrote all the sections pertaining to Thor and the characters surrounding him. My friend wrote everything relating to Jane Foster. I regret to say that we don't have an actual plan for the story yet but if you all want me to keep updating this, then please let me know. As always, constructive criticism is welcome.

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So I leave tomorrow for Comic Con. I'm super stoked! I will be driving down straight after work. This weekend will be amazing and strat off with a bang! I got tickets this past weekend for the special screening of Captain America Thursday morning with Chris Evans. I so can't wait to see that movie!! The tickets I have are still just first come first served, so we'll be lining up around 3:30am for a 10am showing, lol. I did NOT hunt these tickets down just to be turned away at the theater.

Anyway, here be my costume schedule for the weekend:

Thursday: Pepper Potts (either Gala or Pencil Skirt, haven't decided yet since half that day I'll be at the movie)
Friday: 1:00-1:30PM: Modeling Marvel clothing at the Gentle Giant Booth, then Earth's Mightiest Heroes Wasp during the day.
Saturday: Black Widow
Sunday: 1:00-1:30: Modeling again for Marvel, then whatever I feel like.
Thor - french poster

Avengers RPG on Tumblr

Avengers Movie!Verse RPG
[Available Characters] [Rules] [Contact]

Genre: Marvel Avengers, movie!verse.

Main Page:

Age Requirement: 16
Other Requirements: We want to keep this as canon as we can, so please have a knowledge of the characters. We understand this is movie based, but having a knowledge of the character in the comics helps to mold a background for them and fill holes the movie left. Marvel Database is a great resource.
Other Contacts: My LiveJournal | My OOC Tumblr | Co-Mod's OOC Tumblr

The Goal of This RP: To create a canon style RP that is based on action and adventure plots, not stressing romance. While romance on the side will be fine, it shouldn't be goal.
The time and place and how we wish to start this RP will be determined as a group once we get more players. This way, we can all decide how to start our characters and take them in the direction we want.

Please be sure to read the rules at the link above before you request a character. If you have any questions, you can contact us.

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No Avengers at Comic Con

According to Hero Complex:

"Don’t expect the Avengers to reassemble in Hall H at Comic-Con International in July.

The official word from Marvel Studios is that their team will sit out the Hollywood previews in the 6,000-seat hall, where fans, bloggers and journalists from around the world come to see filmmakers and stars introduce and promote their upcoming spectacle movies."

Part of me wants to cry. They are afraid they won't have anything good? Are you kidding me?! Just hav e he cast stand there and yell Avenegrs Assemble and everyone will go nuts! It just won't feel like Comic Con without them! This is the most anticipated movie ever right can this be?! the same time, I'm also a little relieved. It's been weighing on my mind if I should go or not. It would blow all of Saturday at the con, which is a huge day for costuming. I would have missed so much. So yea, I'm really conflicted about this...
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A Night on the Town!

Last week was my friend's birthday, and his girlfriend (one of my best friends) decided to do something to surprise him. He's always talking about wanting to hit Hollywood dressed in 20's-30's glamor to show Hollywood how it's really done. So this past Saturday, she got him dressed up and took him out, but what he didn't know is that a whole group of his friends were doing the same thing!

We all surprised him at the Chinese Theater and strutted up Hollywood Blvd and had dinner at a classy restaurant. It was a fun night and I was really impressed but how everyone went all out on their costumes. We even had different persona's and characters, lol. We eneded up being a mix of everything from 20's to 50's, and even I was a whole mix of eras in my own outfit.

I didn't have the money or the time to make a costume, so I ended up wearing my Sally Jupiter wig with my Pepper Potts dress. It worked!

So anyway, I wanted to share some pictures of the event.

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Me - Keith Monaco

Tony and Pepper Balcony Photo Shoot

These photos were taken at San Diego Comic Con '09 (and yes, I just got them now. Never trust your Tony Stark with such matters, LOL) with my good friend zendrag0n .Kevin Green, my friend who did my Black Widow photo shoot took these photos. It was the first time I ever worked with him like this. Well, I say "worked with him", but we both are just doing what we love.

Anyway, I do plan to re-make this dress since it's not very accurate and I hate the material. I was also pissed that my hair didn't stay curled, but this was after a whole con day, so hey, what are you gonna do?

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